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St. Gregory of Nyssa 

Gregory of Nyssa was born into a deeply religious family. His mother, Emmelia, was the daughter of a martyr, and two of his brothers, Basil of Cæsarea and Peter of Sebaste, became bishops like himself. His eldest sister, Macrina, became a model of piety and is also honored as a saint. It ...

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St. Gregory Nazianzen

St. Gregory was a Doctor of the Church, born at Arianzus in Asia Minor, probably in 325, and died in 389. He was the son of Gregory, Bishop of Nazianzus (329-374.)After his baptism at age 30, Gregory joined his friend Basil in a newly founded monastery.At 41, Gregory was chosen suffragan ...

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Saint Gregory the Great

St. Gregory the Great, a central figure of the medieval western Church and one of the most admired Popes in history, is commemorated in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Catholic liturgy today, September 3. Born near the middle of the sixth century into a noble Roman family, Gregory received ...

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