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Sts. Peter and Paul

On June 29 the Church celebrates the feast day of Sts. Peter & Paul. As early as the year 258, there is evidence of an already lengthy tradition of celebrating the solemnities of both Saint Peter and Saint Paul on the same day. Together, the two saints are the founders ...

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St. Peter of Alexandria

Local commemorations of the fourth-century martyr Saint Peter of Alexandria will take place on Nov. 25 and 26. Although his feast day in the Western tradition (on the latter date) is no longer a part of the Roman Catholic Church’s universal calendar, he remains especially beloved among Catholic and Orthodox ...

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Dedication of the Churches of Peter and Paul

This feast celebrates the dedications of two of the four major basilicas of Rome. Saint Peter’s Basilica was originally built in 323 by the emperor Constantine.  The basilica was constructed over the tomb of Peter the Apostle, the Church’s first Pope.  After standing for more than a thousand years, Pope ...

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St. Peter Ou

St. Peter Ou is one of the Martyrs of China. He was born to a non-Christian family in 1768. As a young man, he was outspoken with had a deep understanding of justice, and would eventually come to the defense of the poor and oppressed.He married and ran his own business, ...

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St. Peter Julian Eymard

St. Peter Julian Eymard, whose feast the Church celebrates on August 2, helped many Catholics – both clergy and laypeople – to rediscover the importance of the Eucharist. He is also considered a pioneer in involving laypeople more actively in the life of the Church.Peter Julian Eymard was born near Grenoble, France, ...

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St. Peter Claver

On Sept. 9, the Catholic Church celebrates St. Peter Claver, a Jesuit missionary who spent his life in the service of African slaves brought against their will to South America during the 17th century.Peter Claver was born into a farming family in the Spanish region of Catalonia during 1581. He ...

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